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Several years ago my children brought home a vintage book that had been cut into the shape of a Alphabet Letter. I was intrigued about the concept and curious of the process. The book was a vintage book from the old Reader's Digest Condensed Book Club which my mother was a member of and I remember reading as a child. As a Member, a book (with a beautiful cover design) was shipped to your home every 3 months. Each book contained 3-5 stories (novels or best sellers) in condensed form. Reader's Digest sent these books for 50 years (1950-1999) and large collections were built. Now these book collections are being inherited, thrown away and slowly making their way to dumps and landfills.

I decided to teach myself how to create Book Art to keep these lovely books from their egregious fate. After teaching myself how to cut the alphabet I began making my own designs. I currently have 200+ designs. I cut all 50 States, most dog breeds, Logos, Tribute Books, Skylines, and just about anything that can be made into a silhouette. Creating new designs is my favorite part and I'm always open to making ideas come true.

CUTTER CHAOS by dana cutter is currently in its 7th year of making Book Art from Reader's Digest Condensed Books. I cut books almost every day and still enjoy getting to be creative. I travel around the country to participate in Conventions, Shows & Festivals; and get to meet great people at every stop along the way. This encompasses my three favorite things ... creating, travel and people! I'd say I'm WINNING!!